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Журнал «Наука, образование и культура» выходит раз в два месяца, 24 числа (ежемесячно уточняется). Следующий номер журнала № 3(69) 2024 г. Выйдет - 23.07.2024 г. Статьи принимаются до 19.07.2024 г.

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Turunov D.M.

Turunov Denis Mikhailovich – junior researcher,

Department of Media Communications,

Tyumen State University, Tyumen

Abstract: this paper analyzes the animated series «Interface» (2017-2021), created by artist Justin Tomchuk and produced on his YouTube channel. This analysis is made in connection with the tendency to look for changes in culture, which can be described as either postmodern or so-called metamodern. However, such studies do not consider essential aspects of these views of culture, such as a view of the past. The main work is done on interpreting both the visual form (mise-en-scène, transitions, drawing style, color, and sound) and the narrative (storyline and concept) to identify the form of nostalgia, which is shown in the cartoon. To classify nostalgia, I used Svetlana Boym’s typology, the different types of which can be traced to the postmodernist and metamodernist conceptions of the state of current culture. The purpose of this analysis is to show the inability of either postmodernist or metamodernist approaches to nostalgia to describe the approach shown in the cartoon fully. Through this connection, we can trace the idea that there is a more complex kind of nostalgia at this point in culture, which combines various elements to varying degrees. In addition, the end of this paper raises the question of creating a new form of nostalgia films, a concept of which Jameson was considering.

Keywords: film studies, postmodernism, nostalgia.


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Turunov D.M. THE ROLE OF THE PAST IN «INTERFACE»: NOSTALGIA IN THE DISCOURSE OF CULTURAL CHANGE // Наука, образование и культура -  № 2(62), 2022 {см. журнал}

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